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January 2018 Updates

Hello everyone!

We will be posting pictures soon of some great activities we have had going on! Just this week, we had Raptor Inc in for a visit with the residents and staff. They had brought several amazing birds for our residents to see including owls and a hawk. We love bringing new activities to our residents as often as we are able. Thank you Raptor Inc for the visit!


If you were following us last year, you might remember that we renovated part of our building and converted into a new beautiful rehabilitation unit with private suites! We have had the opportunity to help many patients rehab with our new unit, and they all seemed to be very pleased we are happy to report! We take a great variety of different types of rehab needs so inquire if you are interested for a loved one or if you have any surgeries planned that might need rehab.


We are owned by the Deaconess Associations Foundation, which is a non-profit, so if you would like to see where you can donate to our different programs/facilities, follow this link. We appreciate everything! Thank you!

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